Inspired by @randi
  1. They look so similar, right? Even Google can't tell them apart
    Mary Kate on Right
  2. I just always had an attachment to Mary Kate
    Ashley seems like the "other" twin to me. Mary Kate on Left
  3. They looked more alike when they were younger, since they always matched
    Mary Kate is on Left
  4. Ashley has more of an expressive face
    Mary Kate on Left
  5. Any photo where one has brown hair makes it easy. Mary Kate is the only one who went brunette.
  6. Ashley's nose is more defined, almost like they are identical photos and one has a filter
    The soft features are Mary Kate. She's on the Right.
  7. Ashley is a teeny bit taller
    Mary Kate is on the right.
  8. Which one is this?
    (Not Mary Kate)
  9. Which one is this?
    (Not Ashley. Not Mary Kate) Tricked ya! It's Elizabeth! Their much taller sister!
  10. Good news for you
    (Mary Kate is on the right)
  11. Mary Kate got married last year
    To Olivier Sarkozy.
  12. So all you need to do is look for a ring.
    If you see a ring its Mary Kate!
  13. Pop Quiz: Who is on the left?
  14. ...
  15. ...
  16. ...
  17. No clue?
  18. ...
  19. ...
  20. ...
  21. Its Ashley
    I have a feeling this didn't help at all!
  22. Who is this?
    It's MK!
  23. Mary Kate in white
  24. Mary Kate on right
  25. Byeeee!