How You Can Tell I Got My Christmas Bonus Friday

Guys, I'm such a big spender!
  1. I bought 2 books at Target. I'm returning one because I'd rather have the paperback. But initially I bought two books at once like a Rockefeller!
  2. I bought the scented epsom salt for baths instead of unscented, even though it cost $1 more. Am I the child of a celebrity? Maybe!
  3. I lit 3 candles at the same time! Maybe Mariah's ex should come hang with me, because I now understand the billionaire lifestyle.
  4. I have been using two Bounty Select-A-Size sheets instead of one. Which clearly makes me an heiress, basically.
  5. I bought 2 AA batteries for my remote instead of just taking them from work. This must be how Silicon Valley got started.
    Full disclosh, I would have taken them from work if we weren't on vacation.