I am inspired by.....

  1. Women who support other women
    This didn't come easily to me in my teens. I had friends but would have dropped them in an instant when a guy showed interest. As I grew up, I started to really appreciate the sisterhood of being a girl's girl.
  2. Observational comedians
    I've always been an observer. I love the way comedians can sum up the world's most complicated matters in 140 characters.
  3. Unpopular music by popular musicians
    I think they know which songs will be singles and they save the vulnerable truths for their real fans. Gaga is great about having heartfelt tracks that never become a single. It feels like you know them on another level. They seem more human.
  4. Positive people
    I'm not positive by default. So it's important to surround myself with people who don't want their misery to have company. Not that my friends can't have bad days, that's entirely different. People are human. I'll pick them up and then we can switch.
  5. Writers
    I love reading and it makes me want to be a better writer. Anne Lamott feels like every writer's personal cheerleader. Plus, I try to learn a big vocabulary word once per week. Last week's word was "concatenate" which means to link in a series.
  6. Li.sters
    Every one is so unique and raw. I feel like each person here has been put together for a reason we will never know. If I just met ONE of you guys in any other circumstance I would count myself so lucky. But there are countless listers! I want to be all of your best friends! 😘