@hillary79 I am finally getting to this request!
  1. No idea how to do this in list form, so let's go!
  2. My mom bought me a plane ticket to DC for Christmas.
    She hid the ticket in his book The Audacity of Hope. Plus a billion other presents, as you can see.
  3. My cousin lives in DC, she is in the photo above. My mom had already cleared it with her that I could stay there.
    I was done with school and I was working temp jobs, so it was quite easy to get the days off.
  4. My dad and his wife came as well, but I only saw them one night.
  5. I took public transportation all by myself (at 22, for the first time) and got lost on purpose getting to my cousin's place.
    DC is really a nice city. Darn it was cold, but I love a city that is a grid. Planned out to perfection!
  6. I got Thai food with my dad and the woman he's married to before we headed to the Texas Democrats happy hour. When we were there I ran into Kim from America's Next Top Model.
    She had short hair on her season, but I had no problem bothering her. She was like the least famous person in town this weekend.
  7. At the Texas Democratic Happy Hour, a journalist for the Austin American statesman began interviewing me for some quotes.
    My father's wife got VERY upset they weren't interviewing her, so she interrupted and began answering his questions herself. I walked away as I heard her say "I'm a fifth generation Austinite." Neither of us got in the paper. She sucks.
  8. We walked around downtown and there were so many people.
    I loved knowing this many people wanted to witness history too!
  9. We headed to the Washington Monument because the news people were everywhere over there.
    Here's Soledad O Brien. Don Lemon wouldn't let us take photos but we all met him. His publicist was really obnoxious, she was acting like he was Obama. He ain't.
  10. Chris Matthews in some glass cage.
    He is massive. Like 6' 5" easy. I thought he was a tiny guy.
  11. This guy flew, alone, from Turkey to witness this moment. He had my dad take his photo because he obviously couldn't selfie the Washington Monument!
    I forgot about this until I looked on my photo album on facebook. This was the most united day for the whole world. (We sent him a copy)
  12. Okay, Inauguration day. The metro system started running at 3:30 am, and we were the first people on it.
    I was with my cousin, her bf, and another cousin, Casey. It was 7° and the event began in 8.5 hours.
  13. We took a photo of the capitol building. We were quite close for people without tickets.
    As you see, it was so dark. We were too cold and excited to sleep! Except Casey, who managed to sleep standing up.
  14. I had on so many layers, and we were just focused on warming up.
    Everyone there was so nice! It was, a million or so people, and no one even shoved anyone or rolled their eyes. This was the happiest moment of our collective lives.
  15. As the sun came up we started seeing all the fun ways people were showing their support. It warmed up to a cozy 11° by 9am.
    Three more hours to go!
  16. We were on the mall, and it was full. The capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial. My dad and his spouse "slept in" and got on the metro at 7am. They were on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
  17. They started playing music to wake us all up about 11am.
    That's when I looked up and saw about 20 snipers on the surrounding buildings. That was the first time a sniper made me feel safer. The temperature peaked at 17° at this point.
  18. Ten till noon, the jumbotron showed the motorcade. But this was like nothing I had ever seen before. The motorcade had choreographed this beautiful entrance with the motorcycles.
    I looked everywhere for a video. Let's just say, it was amazing, and unforgettable. Motorcycle choreography. Even a little gansta.
  19. Then it happened!
    This was my view of the jumbotron. We were behind the first set of them. Which means we were very close. It was so special, so emotional. Everyone was quiet, listening, absorbing the moment.
  20. Yes We Can!
  21. My cousin and her bf went to one of many inauguration balls, I stayed at her house watching this.
    I cried a lot. I promise you this was the first time I felt like an American citizen. This moment meant everything to me, still does, always will.
  22. Take this as a friendly reminder that the job of the president is such a big deal. We all need to really think about how to never lose that January 2009 hope.
    Even George W Bush was hopeful because of how much it meant to him to see a black family in a house built by slaves.
  23. It's a really important job.
  24. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction