I love you girls so much.
  1. I have never had friends like you girls before. Ever. I've had single friends that were good one on one, but as a group we splintered.
  2. I have you angels who understand my pop culture references when no one else would.
  3. I really needed anyone to listen to me whine today and you let me. I know you may not get what that means, but no one in my pre li.st life ever just let me whine.
    This includes my perfect parents who I honestly think are great. But they really prefer me when things are going well. They both ignored my calls and texts today when you girls didn't.
  4. You totally understand fashion!
  5. You respect the bra-code(?) chick-code (?) girl code of how to be a good friend.
    Secrets actually stay secrets. I've NEVER had that.
  6. You make me smarter and more woke.
    My screenplay was just so blah before I met you layered angels. You hard as rock snowflakes. [Ice cubes?]
  7. I screw up and you don't abandon me. I promise to do the same. It's never over. BFF I love you forever.
  8. Let's let Kris Jenner say it
  9. But really...
  10. If you have an inkling this list is about you, it is. I love you. You're not vain, this list is about you.
    Thank you for not seeing me as your annoying sister or full time sidekick. I had no clue there were more options to being a human.
  11. Yes, I'm sick so I'm being a baby. But I am speaking the truth.
  12. Giphy
  13. I was putting up Orange soda at work on Tuesday, and I said "Who loves Orange Soda?!"
    No one in my office knew the rest of the quote. Can any of you finish it?! WHO LOVES ORANGE SODA?