1. I ordered dinner from some new drive through called Slim Chickins
  2. The menu had all of my favorite fried foods
  3. I didn't want to cook, so I was already relieved I could eat something close to home.
  4. The lady let me customize my order, as a picky eater, this is very helpful
  5. They had peach iced tea, I never drink it, but the thought of it made me happy.
  6. I get to the window and pay less than $7 for dinner.
  7. The 30-something female cashier, in a drive through, handed me the food and said...
  8. "Have a great night, beautiful"
  9. I said "you too."
  10. Then I drove off and started crying because she was just so nice for no reason at all. It meant everything to me after this week. 😭
    I had been sick for about 8 days in a row and being sick and single is basically the perfect recipe for a bummer week. Or a trigger to reignite my depression.
  11. I'm grateful for her. It's a reminder that humans still interact, even if it feels rarer and rarer every day. Not only do they interact, they can be so nice.
  12. No, I'm not PMS-ing. I'm just a softie. I really needed that lady today.
  13. Yes I'm crying again.