1. My Mental Health(care)
    I just thought I was supposed to be wound up and angry after work everyday. I assumed bullying by coworkers was their fault and not my lack of being assertive. I have learned a lot about "how to deal" which is exactly why I started therapy.
  2. Sleep
    I have to work so hard to sleep. There was a time in my life that lying down at 10pm was all I needed to fall asleep. I didn't appreciate it then, but I am so grateful when I sleep now.
  3. My youth
    I never felt twenty in my 20s. I always felt like a very old person. Now that I'm 31, I embrace 31. There are people older than me, and younger than me, and it won't kill me. Being in my 30s feels right. I never have to explain my childish moments or old lady moments.
  4. Finances
    It always used to bug me that my peers had credit cards and traded in their cars every year for new models. I have never had a credit card, just due to my dad being a financial planner and frowning upon it. I have driven the same paid off car for years. But now, I see that my safety net is there where it isn't for others.
  5. My natural hair texture
    I fully blame li.st for this. You guys are just too supportive, and make me feel beautiful no matter how I look. There's a strong undercurrent here to just be unapologetically yourself. One of the ways I choose to express my individuality is with my curls.
  6. My biological clock
    When I was 24, I had all the time in the world. As each year passes, I adjust my life plan. Okay, two kids instead of three. Super short engagement. Elope? Etc. If I had $10k to blow, I'd freeze my eggs to buy me more time.
  7. Childhood memories
    As you ALL know, I am writing (a) book(s) about elementary school. To flesh it out, I am doing everything to trigger memories from when I was those ages. I thought my "awkward years" were best forgotten. But now, I found away to harness the beauty in our awkward years.
  8. Vitamins
    After my dairy allergy was discovered, I started having several vitamin deficiencies. I was a Flintstone kid in the 90s, but really didn't think much about vitamins until my body started SCREAMING for them. They weren't possible in my daily diet because of the many food groups to which I'm allergic.
  9. My dog walking on four legs
    This is why I wrote the list. We went for a walk today and I watched her make her way around the grass on four strong legs. It took almost a full year for her to put weight on that left hind leg after hip surgery. We were so worried it'd have to be amputated. Now, she's tough as nails. I never thought about her legs before she had hip issues, but now, I get teary eyed when she runs like a healthy puppy again.