1. Remember how proud we used to be of some of our drafted lists? Those really well thought out ones with unique topics.
  2. They are still on your profile somewhere, and now that updates pop up in the feed, I'd love to see lists you are still proud of.
  3. You can add anything to the end to "update it" so it shows up again.
  4. I'd suggest just adding an image to the end so it shows up like new.
  5. Or, heck, share this list url on the bottom so I know that I'm the one who inspired you to repost something you wrote a while ago.
  6. I really want to see your old lists, maybe your favorite, maybe your funniest, your weirdest, most unique, the time you started a title wave.
  7. Tag me in your comments if you do so I can be sure to read it!
  8. Giphy
  9. Um, why did you guys stop? More more more!