Inspired by @SarahMoore
  1. Saturday Netflix-induced hibernation
  2. Chronic case of Blacktivism. Getting in formation. Staying woke.
  3. Uncontrollable rambling, usually lasting 5 minutes after your brain attempts to shut up
  4. Knowledge of complicated rap verses. Inability to keep from repeating songs.
    Symptom is known to show up while driving a vehicle only.
  5. Frizz ball where hair used to live (on your head!)
  6. Inability to sit or sleep with a blanket's tag visible.
    All tags shall be at the bottom left corner. Otherwise no blanket allowed.
  7. French Fry scented skin and home
  8. Obsessive political interest. Sometimes refreshing twitter by the second for breaking news.
  9. Chronic insomnia!
  10. Increased vocal fry.