Ingredients In My Cabinet That Made My Mother Call Me Weird

My mom unpacked my spice and sauce cabinet and she says I am not normal. Here's what I keep on hand
  1. Hoisin Sauce
    Try making good lettuce wraps without this!
  2. Tamari
    It's just way better than soy sauce
  3. Coconut Aminos
    When you want sweet soy sauce without sugar or soy. Plus I needed it for Whole30
  4. Tapioca Flour
  5. Xanthan Gum
    I have this so I can make her gluten free rolls on thanksgiving
  6. Nutritional Yeast
    It's good on popcorn and it has protein.
  7. Sriracha
    I'm a millennial. This is basic.
  8. Garlic Chili Paste
    Makes everything better.
  9. Pea Protein Powder
    This exact brand! For smoothies
  10. Hemp Protein
    For when I want my smoothies to keep me from passing a drug test.
  11. Coconut Cream
    This stays in the fridge anyways, ma!
  12. And Everything Bagel Seasoning
  13. This is the woman who boiled carrots from her garden before blending them to feed me instead of buying baby food. This is the woman who used cloth diapers for me to save the world.
  14. I'm weird because she's weird!
    It's cool to be weird. Right?
  15. Oh, and of course Maca!
    She thinks I'm on hardcore drugs
  16. Mirin
    Rice seasoning. It's hard to explain, but no good homemade ramen can exist without it.