I overestimate our relationship
  1. Shuffle plays the exact song I wanted to hear
    I feel like I want to hear "Forgot about Dre," but we'll just let shuffle decide. Yessss
  2. I get all green lights in a hurry
  3. I get all red lights when I need to enter an address in my gps
  4. I get the exact amount of stamps and envelopes
    Without counting!
  5. A front row parking spot
  6. I visit Dad the exact time that my step mom won't be home
    He thinks it's rude to ask, so I play roulette hoping she won't be there when I wanna hang.
  7. My donut shop has ONE strawberry cronut left
    And no one in front of me orders it.
  8. I answer the phone at work like an idiot and it ends up being a telemarketer
  9. All my groceries fit in the amount of bags I brought to the store
    This is also a great way to budget. Get one bag worth of food. Don't buy diamonds or printer ink and you can save money. Although, I rarely buy paper towels since they throw off the system