What a long strange trip it's been!
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    I already did a "clip show" sort of list a month or so ago, so I won't do that again.
    Update: I kind of ended up doing it again
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    But I just wanted to make sure I noted that it's been a year.
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    I found the app from BJ's instagram. I loved his book Stories and Other Stories, so when there was an app to see his writing, I was all in.
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    Here's my first list. But, like I said, I know you saw it already.
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    I didn't list again for 2 months. I did it when I remembered I knew no one on here and I could complain about my job.
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    The real reason I didn't list for so long is because the writers were (and are!) so talented I just knew I'd always be a lurker.
    Particularly @dfly, @mallofamanda, @PeteOnEarth, @Nicholas, and @marymurphy were all way too cool for me to think I could hang! Here's Mary's list that still makes me cry-laugh Just Thoughts of Zahara Jolie-Pitt As She Is Once Again Made To Hold Hands
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    Fun fact: the first list I ever liked is by my now actual friend with a face and a name, that back then I only knew as @TVAddict!
    Yep, I liked your list before I liked Mindy's and I came here for Mindy. That's how awesome you are.
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    The first lister to really make me feel like I wasn't screaming in an empty room was the lovely @anuhea
    I was like, there are nice people here!
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    Then, @justjills @jennifergster @kcupcaker and @BWN_7 were really welcoming too!
    Also @becktacular but I don't know if she gets on here anymore.
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    In May came the android version of the app and a wave of new users!
    @dev sent out some "how to benefit from this app" lists and I finally realized how it worked. So I put a picture on my profile, commented on lists and πŸ’™'d a lot of lists.
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    I made a kind of strategic move and played my The Office card. Knowing most of these listers were into the show, I got my first trending list.
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    I remember reading a list by @biz who I only interacted with once, but I just recall how vulnerable she was in her list. I really was grateful to have found a place where people could be themselves.
    Even if it didn't help her rid all of her demons, I'm positive she encouraged others to share their pain and accept some help. I'm one of them.
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    There was the miserably painful week or so of July 5 - July 14 when two black men were killed on video, and then a total of 7 cops were killed as well.
    All of my real life white friends ignored how much it was bothering me, and how personal I was taking it. But you guys weren't ignoring anyone. I think I cried every night that week, those poor men that were murdered just kept being played on TV. That's when I learned this was my safe space. I got probably 30 "list requests" of people just reaching out and saying they care.
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    We are collectively (minus a handful of deplorables) going through another challenge. Our country doesn't feel familiar, or safe, or even real right now.
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    But guess what you guys? I wouldn't want to go through this with anyone but you.
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    This is so much more than an app.
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    This is a secret society with unlimited soul mates. 😍
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    Looking forward to year two! Thanks @bjnovak