1. The few of you who chose today to GLOAT because your guy won
    You know who you are because you have already been cussed out and blocked.
  2. Don't even realize what we are upset about.
  3. If your guy was Kasich, Romney, Rubio, McCain, that's a fair fight.
  4. You chose the dumbest person to ever run for office, because he was a bully.
  5. We chose the smartest and most qualified person who ran for office, who happened to be a woman.
  6. You think we're mad we lost?
  7. No one wondered what to tell their children when George W was elected, or re-elected.
  8. Same for Obama.
  9. Losing is not what we are feeling right now.
  10. We are fearing for our lives that the biggest school yard bully played on the country's fears. If he ran against a man, he would have lost.
  11. We aren't mad. We are terrified. I have no kind words for those who chose today to gloat.
    My 7 year old niece thought she'd get beat up at school today. Did any kids feel that way on November 5, 2008? No?! Shocking.
  12. Gloat on Monday.