Kennedy Cousins

I have a strange fascination with genetics. These are the grandkids of the Kennedys who were in power in the 60s. So, JFK, RFK, Ted, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver are these kids' grandparents.
  1. RFK, Ted FK (jk), JFK
    Check out Ted's jaw. Which one would you do? All three? Me too. But Ted first, I like em big and he appears the thickest here.
  2. Eunice
    Couldn't find a picture of all four. But dang if Maria doesn't look just like her Mama!
  3. Okay! Grandkids.
  4. Joe Kennedy III
    No clue who is the ginger in the family, but Joe surely stands out. He is a congressman. His dad is Joe Kennedy Jr, whodathunk? His grandpa, who I assumed by his jaw would be Ted, is actually Robert F Kennedy. He went to Harvard, he's wicked smaht. @hillary79 is the reason I started down this Kennedy rabbithole. He has a fraternal twin Matthew that looks nothing like him.
  5. Bobby Kennedy III
    RFK Jr's son and RFK's grandson. He makes documentaries if you can't tell from his hair. I feel like his privilege is showing in this picture and I hate that.
  6. Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy
    RFK Jr's daughter, RFK's granddaughter. She went to Stanford and then became an actor. No clue how to feel about her 🤷🏽‍♀️
  7. Conor Kennedy
    He looks super normal. I'd never believe him if I met him and he said he was a Kennedy. Basic. Speaking of basic, he was the one who dated TayTay Swift. Conor is the son of RFK Jr, and the grandson of RFK. It's weird that I find only the grandpa sexy out of the three options.
  8. Kyra Kennedy
    I'd rather be a Kennedy girl for three reasons. 1) no hot people from 1960 to compare me to 2) less chance of dying in a tragic accident 3) people probably don't even bother her until they know her last name. Oh, she is Conor's full sister. They obviously look like their mom. RFK's grandkid.
  9. Patrick Shriver Schwarzenegger
    Damn Gina. He fyne. This is Maria's son and Eunice's grandson. Funny enough, he doesn't get the Kennedy name because his grandma took Shriver. His dad had an affair with the nanny around the time he was a toddler. So, the curse isn't just Kennedy specific I suppose. He has a good Kennedy jaw, so I approve. He's an actor (minus 10 points)
  10. Katherine Shriver Schwarzenegger
    She is the cutest. Don't you want to be best friends with her or at least borrow her clothes? She's an author so maybe she is smaht too. She's Patrick's full sister, Eunice's granddaughter.
  11. Christina Shriver Schwarzenegger
    Kickass first name. I don't see any Kennedy in her at all. She seems like she hates being famous, so I like her most. Patrick and Katherine's full sister, Eunice's grandkid.
  12. Jack Schlossberg
    Schloss is the ugliest sound my mouth can make. Okay, now that I've said that. We have made it to JFK's grandkid. Could you tell? Jack looks exactly like his uncle to me. His mama is Caroline Kennedy of Camelot. He went to Yale, (wicked smaht) founded a non-profit, and plans to dip his toe in politics soon. Be careful dude. A lot of our hearts will break if you have a similar fate of your uncle or grandpappy.
  13. Tatiana Schlossberg
    This is Jack's full sister, Caroline's daughter, JFK's grandkid. She also went to Yale (wicked smaht) and is an environment reporter. She has the humanitarian side of the Kennedy name. I bet she and Christina hide from cameras together.
  14. Rose Schlossberg
    Look at her and then ask me who her grandma is, like you can't tell. Apparently, all of the Kennedy cousins look to Rose as the unofficial leader of the crew. The jaw talks. Jackie O lives again. It's almost crazy to look at her, right?
  15. Jackie O
    Just for reference.
  16. Michaela Cuomo
    This is when I got so confused in the Kennedy wormhole. Cuomo? Like the Governor? Yep! Kerry Kennedy had kids with Andrew Cuomo and this is one of em. Kerry is RFK's daughter. I think Michaela looks like her dad and uncle. I don't see Kennedy.
  17. Cara and Mariah Cuomo
    I can't guarantee this is a picture of them. They have had plastic surgery and I can't find a picture on list with their contemporary faces. They look like Cuomos. I think they are far left and second from right. Either way, they aren't Kennedy looking. RFK's grandkids. Both Ivy Leaguers. Michaela's full sisters. They are twins.
  18. That is all.
    I'd add more, but... drafts.
  19. Wait! Time for a fun fact! Robert Kennedy is married to Cheryl Hines now
    He spoke at my college about water conservation and that must have been when I started caring about this rich white informal monarch family of the USA