UPDATE: I am running out of space, so once the month passes, I am putting the month as one list item. But please continue suggesting. 😘
  1. January: 2nd @cordeliane; 3rd @analyce; 4th @MaddyandOwensMom; 8th @hillary79; 13th @manchz; 15th @supercommonname; 18th @karlalucia and @billnye; 19th @barefootmeds; 20th @dreadpiratemama; 26th @anuhea & @egiuffri; 29th @sshemchuk
  2. April: 1st @talor; 5th @zoeyryanne; 6th @kblaise; 7th @sky; 8th @soph; 11th @MissLorre; 12th @katermater; 15th @hkelley; 16th @Jvg0122; 19th @federmonster; 21st @trev_scott; 22nd @nat_vv; 23rd @lizabeth; 25th @lexie_elyse; 28th @amieshmamie & @Dashelamet
  3. May: 1st @justjills & @BWN_7; 7th @eightk; 13th @Lisa_Fav; 14th @pathb; 16th @spaceycasey; 19th @graciagrapes; 20th @silverwolf634; 28th @mirleenew
  4. June: 1st @daisy; 8th @libby92; 15th @tweedledee; 16th @sarahmccoy; 19th @doodler19; 23rd @taylormorley; 24th @americson; 29th @audreyholzrichter
  5. October: 2nd @annie_teee; 4th @piccolochris; 5th @stephani; 8th @JAFred97; 10th @rachellewis; 12th @DanielaM & @Schmidiot; 13th @kelrie & @Heartsounds; 15th @holly70; 18th @theshome; 19th @kcupcaker & @colls39; 20th @rachhello; 24th @rachelanne; 27th @missaprillynn; 28th @autumnftw; 29th @meeshellz & @Diplomatic_diva
  6. November: 14th @fatzm1; 15th @marykathryn & @readjulia; 23rd @cvlop61; 24th @Zeealist; 25th @sarahsolene; 28th @audreypalumbo
  7. December: 1st @beckwiththebadhair; 4th @MichaelRose; 5th @PeteOnEarth (the year of the lord) & @afrand3; 8th @plaidflannel; 10th @maggzertz & @veshecco; 14th @brimattia; 15th @dudleyjoshua;