Listbet and Listbot Are Enjoying Austin

Thanks to @solena for bringing them to life.
  1. First stop, Dallas.
    @jennifergster sent this lovely couple on their way headed to join me and mine for a girls trip. Twiggy was very focused on eating them, so this is as close as they got. @listbot
  2. After the 3 hour drive and almost 24 wait, they made their way to the cottage to relax.
  3. They sure did relax.
    We gave them privacy as they snuggled and cuddled to catch up on their "rest"
  4. After plenty of downtime they wanted some fresh air and took a stroll to the UT Campus
    Someday their listbaby may go here. It's good to get a feel of the town. No one is pregnant, but it's just someplace they would consider moving.
  5. After a day in the hot sun they took SEVERAL tequila shots.
    So many, they ended up climbing in the glasses searching for more drops of booze.
  6. They ended their night of drinking with a card game for horrible people.
    Lifetime presents [blank], the story of [blank]. Who do you think won?
  7. They are overheated and would love to go to Canada next. Any Canadians that would like to show them around next?