Little Known Celebrity Trivia

Mostly learned from DVD commentaries, some from podcasts, and others just from articles. What can I say, I'm obsessed with useless trivia!
  1. Aziz Ansari auditioned for the role of Kevin Gnapoor on Mean Girls, and didn't get the role because of his limited rapping skills.
  2. Aaron Sorkin, a well known fan of John Hughes, was watching The Breakfast Club when he decided to call Martin Sheen in to audition for the role as the president in The West Wing.
    Seeing Emilio and knowing he was too young, made him inspired to call his father.
  3. Laura Dern and Lisa Kudrow were the final two up for the role in Jurassic Park that eventually went to Dern.
    Kudrow was cast as Phoebe in Friends not long after losing what she thought was the role of a lifetime. She is mostly known for comedic roles now, but intended to be a dramatic actress.
  4. When she was picked for her first big screen role, Dennis Quaid personally surprised Lindsay Lohan at a photoshoot for Sears Catalog to tell her she would be playing Hallie and Annie in the remake of the Parent Trap!
    She was a small time catalog model back in 96, but this was obviously her big break!
  5. Alan Thicke, (RIP) who wrote the theme song for Facts of Life also submitted a potential theme song for Parks and Recreation.
    Mike Schur passed on it because they wanted a theme that had no words and could be as long or as short as needed for each episode.
  6. The character of Angela on The Office was named before Angela Kinsey even auditioned.
    They lucked in to the perfect name for her character!
  7. There have been 3 transgender contestants over the course of the Bachelor/ette series.
    No one has named names, but none of them made it to the final 4.
  8. JK Rowlings attempted to write a reboot of Wizard of Oz before she landed on the story and characters in Harry Potter.
  9. Famous casting director Allison Jones made a deal with Brian Stack, an early investor in her Casting Agency. Any show that she casts that makes it to series, he gets a guest spot on. No matter how small.
    This is him on Parks and Rec and 30 Rock. He was also on The Office as an employee of the Buffalo branch and Freaks and Geeks as a teacher.
  10. Subway Jared (you know... the pedophile) was the inspiration behind the show the Biggest Loser.
    He was on several of the earlier season finales as Subway was a sponsor of the show. Ratings dropped dramatically when Jared's reputation became horrible.
  11. Not Another Teen Movie parodies some of the most famous teen films from the 80s and 90s. But there are also 3 "easter egg" references to What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
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  15. These are all lies. Happy April Fools Day! 😜