She's staying with me for a week. It's almost over.
  1. She talks during shows, and is quiet during commercials. I think she is trying to bond or something, but we have been homies for 31 years. I'm all set.
    See, we were bonded when I was 29.
  2. She puts my dishes on the wrong side of the sink.
    She keeps washing dishes, so I can't actually be mad about this.
  3. She sits down for every meal or snack and thinks I should too.
    I grab a handful of whatever on my way out the wherever and call it a meal.
  4. She opens the blinds and keeps them open from like 6am until 9pm. I live on a busy street, I need some privacy.
    That's how she rolls at her house, in Pleasantville. I'm not in the suburbs. I'm in the urbs.
  5. She brushes her teeth at the same time I need to brush mine although she has no where to go.
  6. She plays with my dog all day and when I get home the dog is too tired to play with me.
  7. She keeps folding blankets that I have thrown in the perfect spot.
    Struggle is real.
  8. She doesn't keep the Brita 135% full at all times.
  9. She texts my sister the same time I do and it's bugging the crap out of her.
    Plus she likes to joke "who are you texting?" And I never answer.
  10. It's a hard life, but someone has to live it.
  11. I'm sure I'll be grateful for this time at some point.
    But my introverted need to recharge is starting to hurt due to lack of battery.