I just survived my first time as maid of honor. I dreaded the toast but it turned out a success. Here's how it worked for me.
  1. Open in a way that tells people to lower their expectations, then shock them by being in on the joke.
    "My sister is beautiful, and a huge over-- overac---" *Looks at bride* "i'm having a hard time reading your handwriting" This got a huge laugh, because they thought I forgot my speech during the first sentence.
  2. Realize that half of the room doesn't know you....
    Introduce yo' self
  3. ...but half of them has known you a while.
    I mentioned my nickname because very few people call me Christina. And it made it clear to everyone that I'm super laid back.
  4. Say something unique
    A memory that was only between you and the couple. Or you and the bride.
  5. Say something sweet
    Honest is better. Don't say "you two are perfect" say "you two were clearly made to spend your lives together."
  6. Bring another joke
    This is where I made sure I spoke about the groom too. Because he loves jokes at my expense. It was his turn
  7. Now a memory that ties it all together.
    Do you have any memories of the bride talking about her wedding as a child? Did they want to marry JTT and now they are breaking their vows to him? You know the bride well. So share something here
  8. Toast
    Don't forget to at least say Cheers!
  9. Make it short. I covered all bases in a 2 minute speech.
    I timed it on my voice memo app.
  10. Practice
    I played the voice memo when I was stuck in traffic to memorize. I ended up using notes just to have backup. But I knew it well
  11. Enjoy!
    Its a party. Enjoy yourself. Screw the speech if its going to ruin your fun