1. I did a long version of this before.
  2. I'm still Rainbow Johnson
    Goofy smart chick who has a hint of OCD and just tries so hard to be the blackest chick on the scene. Regardless of her appearance. She's also just a bleeeeeding heart liberal who still reps her HBCU on her hoodies.
  3. But now I'm also Rebecca Bunch
    I'm not chasing after any exes, but I do think running away and starting life in a new city would fix everything. Plus I buy my way into friendships. I'd totally grab a pill off the floor of the psychiatrist office and google the pill code before popping it in my mouth. I'm not crazy... it's actually a lot more nuanced than that.
  4. and Karen Fillipelli
    I'm an eternal rookie at my job because most people started before I was born. I will leave and be forgotten. Plus I'm like way over qualified and under-appreciated. I'm bonding with coworkers just to pass the time. I will not be missed when I leave. I will not miss them either. Plus people always think I'm Italian or that my dad was a G.I. (Half true, half lie)