Me, Waiting To See If My Care Package Has Been Received

Yo, kid. If the card is from Boogie, I'ma need a letting me know you got it. 😘
  1. Well, the post office will probably get it there early.
  2. Except, they are the post office.
  3. They aren't known for speed.
  4. I'm totally good at waiting. Lemme see if there is a new list really quick, it'll be on there the moment the box arrives. Nope. *10 minutes later* Let me check again. Okay, nope.
  5. It should be there, its been 12 hours! A package shouldn't take longer than a flight. It's way smaller than a person.
  6. Gifts are my love language! Let me love you!!!
  7. Update #1: She got it. And that mysterious person is @marymurphy
  8. But wait. I sent two... Who else will get one?!
  9. Update #2: It's @tatertotfreak and she got hers too!
    Yessssss! This was the best game ever!