@Lisa_Fav pretty sure this isn't not what you were hoping for!
  1. Let me start by saying I've never seen the movie "Boogie Nights"
    It's rated R, and I'm not allowed to see rated R movies. That was the rule growing up and my parents never told me when the rule expires.
  2. But I can guarantee my Boogie Nights are nothing like the movie.
  3. Here is my crazy fun weeknight schedule...
  4. 6:00 Zumba
    That is what we call "Boogie Boogie-ing"
  5. 7:30 Seth Meyers Reruns
    This show is good! Watch it if you don't already. I watch it the following day because it comes on too late.
  6. 8:15 Rachel Maddow
    Yep, my night is just crazy fun!!!!
  7. 9:00 Do tons of cocaine and head out to Studio 54!
    Just kidding, this is when I walk the dog and pick out my clothes for tomorrow.
  8. 10:00 Trevor Noah
    I watch Trevor in bed, just to switch it up.
  9. It's a crazy life, but someone has to live it!