Inspired by @pili_ervin
  1. Gracia (@graciagrapes), Mika, Shosh, Aaron, and Tish. (Sorry you aren't in the picture Gracia!)
    I had no choice but to love my sisters and cousins. But I did love them, and still do! Even if Aaron is too famous to text me back these days. We'll always have memories of Christmas at Nana's. I want that Minnie Mouse sweater! Where is it? Maybe Minnie was the first celeb I stanned for, but that's another list!
  2. Wait! Here's one with Gracia!
    Bonus Uncle Brian!
  3. Ballerina: Brittany
    I loved her with all my heart, she was in my ballet class and she was in kindergarten while I was in preschool. We went to different elementary schools and ended up on the same competitive dance team in high school. We grew apart. But she was a great first non-relative best friend!
  4. Corie - starting in 1st grade
    This is us holding up gang signs after we killed a couple people. Oh, no wait, we were trying to come up with a hand sign for our graduation year '04 for pictures. This one, strangely, didn't stick! There's more Corie throughout... stay tuned.
  5. Holly, Ashley, Cari, Frances (not pictured)
    I was friends with Frances and Cari since 3rd grade and we added Holly and Ashley to our gang (along with Corie somewhat included) once we all joined choir in 6th grade. I'd say these girls knew me best. The real me. Then, I got popular and stopped being as fun to be around. Good news, as adults I am friends with them all again.
  6. The dirty dozen: Amy, Anna, Becky, Briana, Carly, Corie, Jessica, Kaiti, Kayla, L, Liz, Tamara (yes, I only remember if I recite alphabetically)
    Ten pictured, I tried to find one with all 13, it's a bakers dozen when I add myself. We strangely stayed very close starting freshman year of high school and through college. Anna (in the red spaghetti strap) slept with my ex and I don't speak to her anymore. Besides that, these are my friends. Some more down to earth than others.
  7. This was the dozen at our ten year class reunion. We were "that group" that graduated as a gang and carpooled to the reunion together.
    I love this picture because Anna's face is covered. But do you see how little Corie is still around? Yep. That's her in the front with blonde hair. Girl won't go away. 😂
  8. The roommates: Kaiti, Lauren (aka Vegan), Atalie (aka Trainer)
    Kaiti isn't pictured, but she is from the dozen in the photo above. She and I decided to live together for one year, and her friend Lauren and coworker Atalie also moved in. I learned more about being a good person from those three girls than the dozen could have taught me. I also realized I was an epic control freak and could not live with messy (but lovely) gals. I only keep in touch with Kaiti.
  9. Here's Kaiti with me being a crazy.
    I love her, but her white privilege has caused some tension in our friendship since July. She's very pro-cop, and I am very pro-people-who-look-like-me-and-my-family-being-alive. I know she is working on it, so she isn't cut off like some others.
  10. Eric!
    My best friend Junior year of college. 100% stopped when his girlfriend got jealous of my closeness with him. Which I get because he stayed over my place a lot. He snored so loud! Years later I visited a single Eric who started kissing my neck, I left immediately. He's married now. It's fine. But we were not on the same page. I only have the fondest memories of him.
  11. Trio- Alex and Caxcy
    We were buds while rushing a black sorority, of which we were all favored to join. When only Caxcy got in, things got...weird. She lives 5 miles away from me now and I don't care to see her. Alex is finishing law school. It's just weird. Plus Alex thought I should be ashamed of my celibacy, so I stopped talking to her 5 or so years ago.
  12. Okay, change the music to something more somber before we move to the next one...
  13. Coworkers- Jackie and Kali
    I hired these girls when I was running a construction company, and we were surrounded by men. They were such a welcome break from stinky boys. I left the company, then Kali left. Then last June, Jackie passed away. She had a stroke in her sleep after a 3 day vodka bender. I am still mad at her for it, even if that makes no sense.
  14. Jackie and Kali contined
    Kali couldn't get herself to attend the funeral because only 3 months earlier, one of her twins was stillborn. (The photo I attached is what she and I exchanged when she was 4 months along). Kali no longer answers when I text or call, I don't know why. But I'm guessing I remind her of the hardest year of her life.
  15. Okay, now some fun music like Eye of the Tiger or whatever...
  16. My si.sters: Hillary, Shoma, Jessica, Lexie, Karla, Brynne
    Never had friends that know so much about me. Who understand why DST is the worst weekend for me, and who always are just there. I can tell you what, these friendships aren't ending. I'm never letting go. In every other instance (besides Kali 😔) I am the one who let go. But these hotties are stuck with me.
  17. You hear that @hillary79 @theshome @MissJess @lexie_elyse @bsizzle33 @karlalucia? You can't get rid of me!