1. Pants pants all type of pants
    I own dresses, but I live in pants. Yoga, denim, slacks, leggings. I love the freedom of pants and my sitting options.
  2. No mani pedis unless I have to
    We all had to get them for the wedding I was in, so I did that. If I get a manicure it's gel polish no tips. I need my hands to work the same pre and post manicure.
  3. My boobs are feminine enough for me to dress in a hoodie and sneakers everyday and still be potentially vulgar.
    I got dem heavy boobs!
  4. Makeup only to stay employed
    This was for the wedding, I didn't recognize myself, I have never looked like that again. I highly prefer my natural face, because I was born with it and I think it supposed to look like that. However, my coworkers think I have the flu, so I wear enough at work to look alive.
  5. I think looking "ugly" is kind of fun. So I dress like a hot mess when I have no where to be.
    That's me in men's transformer pajama pants, a Fila sweatshirt from before I was born and you can't see, but I have the pants tucked into these ski boots. Hot mess. I wear other people's clothes a lot. Usually Dad or Stepdad's shirts. I buy them new ones so I can steal old ones. New stuff isn't my jam.
  6. I really like working, so I could see an arrangement in the future where I have a house husband.
    Only if its to raise a baby. But I can also see myself marrying a gay guy because I want a baby and to sleep in my bed alone. He would get a baby and his own room too. Everyone wins!
  7. Body positive
    As we now know, I am learning to LOVE the skin I'm in, so I wear a lot of things that make me feel like a woman. Especially when I work out. I respond to positive reinforcement even from myself. "Thick Thighs Save Lives" is my current fave motto.
  8. I like fixing things. Not a damsel in distress.
    But I will call my dad and have him explain step by step how to fix it the first time.
  9. I have no jewelry. I forget people wear it at all.
  10. I decorate as if I will be moving any day now.
  11. However...
  12. I clean up nice.
    I can walk all night in 6 inch heels, I have pierced ears, I know where my sister hides her jewelry, and it just takes one pair of spanx to find my waist. 😂
  13. Also, super single. I think that's why my lack of femininity makes people uncomfortable.
    They are like "You'll NEVER find a man in Transformer pants!" And I'm like, "Guys, I'm going to be buried in these pants."