My Favorite Presidents (Ranked)

  1. 6.
    Jimmy Carter
    I was born well after he was president, so I like him for what he's done in his post-term life. He's a guy with integrity. He puts in hard work even at his age, and his smile lights up a room. There is something about the way the good ones smile... I did a paper on his wife in 5th grade and I was like "Democrats are so beautiful!"
  2. 5.
    John F Kennedy
    He put some things into motion that started to make this country a bit more welcoming for me and mine. I'm grateful my parents were born while he was president and not Ike. Just, race wise, I think they were born in the sweet spot. JFK didn't actually finish what he started, but that's not his fault. LBJ took care of it, but he is not showing up on my list. No offense to him.
  3. 4.
    Abraham Lincoln
    Abolishment of slavery and all. I think I lose my black card if I leave him off. Full disclosure, black folks have been convincing themselves that Lincoln has a little black in his bloodline. So we take credit for him. Just a drop of credit. There's some reason to believe it, based on nonsense. But, it's the same reason we think Justin Timberlake has a black grandparent. It just makes more sense that way.
  4. 3.
    Hillary Clinton
    I'm so with her, we need a new word for "with her." She is in the #3 spot just patiently awaiting her (please please please🙏🏽) win a week from today. See you next Tuesday, nasty women.
  5. 2.
    Bill Clinton, Slick Willy
    Smart guy, charm for days, I totally would have fallen for him. Its hard to explain what makes this man so attractive, but he is... okay? He played his Sax on Arsenio. I was old enough to know what a president was when he was elected, and too young to know what a BJ was during the impeachment. I liked my life during his presidency, I felt somewhat like an American. Knew I was a democrat by the end of it too.
  6. 1.
    Barack Obama, President Dad(™ @veshecco)
    Obviously, this guy is my everything. We could keep him, and when he gets too old just have some Michelle/Malia/Sasha rotation schedule. My entire life changed in 2004 when I watched the DNC during my first semester at college. It was supposed to be about John Kerry, but I could not stop thinking about our future President Dad™. I have 0 complaints. He is perfect. I should get a 44 tattoo. I attended the first inauguration of Barack Obama!