Requested by @TT
Thanks @TT
  1. Constant shushing.
    People always want the ladies to shhhhhh particularly, but people with opinions in general are frowned upon.
  2. My Soul Mate
    He would be a small quiet man who is also scared of driving over bridges. I'm thinking Bill Hader's "Fear" character from Inside Out.
  3. I would see the animals alive and have a chance to give them names before I eat them (dead)
    Good Place Boogie also eats all types of meat. Even cute little animals like bunnies.
  4. A smoke alarm would go off when ever someone cooked bacon in the neighborhood
    This alarm would mean its time to do our squats. Just stop what you are doing and squat. Keep going. Yep. That alarm is long. Squat until it ends. Good quads in the Good Place
  5. Everyday I would attend a different wedding that no one asked me to plan
    At the reception, I will be asked, "when are you getting married?" Even though I am in the good place for eternity, I am still somehow the owner of a ticking biological clock. The buffet line will go slowly because no one asks me to help plan.
  6. My closest neighbors and friends of my soul mate like to finish my sentences as I say them.
    They just watch my mouth and guess what is next. Even if it's wrong, they love to blurt it out!
  7. Giphy
  8. Giphy