Most of us have it, mine is likely mild but it's still stressing me out.
  1. My oldest sister moved to Germany, before that she had skipped the last 9 Christmases.
  2. My stepsister has 3 kids and is currently separated from her husband, living with my dad and the she-devil.
  3. My middle sister got married and pregnant since the last year.
  4. Nothing has changed in the least for me, besides no longer taking ambien.
    Which to them basically means I stopped walking backwards, as opposed to actually accomplishing something.
  5. Every year I drive to Austin on Dec 23, usually with the middle sister.
    She rides in my car, her then-fiancé would drive down late on the 24th, they would do Austin Christmas and on the 26th do Fort Worth Christmas with his family.
  6. Trust me, I hated them screwing up my schedule then. We used to have post-Christmas traditions.
    He would stay at my Dad's on Christmas Eve and golf Christmas morning, and we had to wait for him to finish golfing before we could open gifts 😒
  7. This year, my sister screwed everything up by inviting my step sister to Dallas. Plus the 3 kids, plus the estranged husband.
  8. That leaves me as an only child with 2 Christmases. No way, Jose.
    I hate getting gifts and I hate my dad's wife. This is my nightmare. All of the buffers are gone!
  9. If my mom wasn't biologically a Christmas elf I may consider skipping the holiday entirely.
  10. I'm so stressed out because staying in Dallas means no mom. Even if mom comes then I have to be around my step sister and her ex.
    But Dad will be in Austin. So I'm still losing something in every scenario.
  11. Also, my dog isn't allowed in their house. They have large scary dogs that eat bunnies.
    My dog is about 3/4 the size of an average bunny.
  12. I just want to change my number until Jan 2. 😞
  13. There is no solution. Nothing is ever going to be normal again. I'm being punished for not getting tandem-married. 😵🔫