As of right now I have 500 followers, which is 490 more than I have on twitter 😂, and about 460 more than have unfollowed me on facebook! So here is a list of lists to get to know my journey here. Because I love you all.
  1. My first list
  2. My favorite requested list, by my all time favorite list requester @mnickwrites
  3. My least "liked" list (by you guys, I like them all)
  4. My first "featured" list
  5. The only list with a BJ Novak comment
  6. The list that trended above Mindy's (Hers was a week old, but still!)
  7. My blackest list
  8. My family portrait list
  9. My most millennial of lists
  10. The list that sums me up best
  11. The two lists that changed how I present myself to fellow listers. Aka, I took off my mask.
  12. The list that helped me find my soul sister @hillary79
  13. Shout out to my gals for making this darn app so much fun. (I know I missed someone!)
  14. Kisses for everyone!
  15. Wait!!!! The person I forgot was @theshome? That's unacceptable! You absolutely were on my mental shout out list. There must be a glitch on the connection or something because I know I typed your name! I am so mad at myself for not catching it 😩
    🎶 I can't liiiiiiive. If livin is without you! I can't live, I can't give anymore! I can't liiiiiiiiive, if living is without you-oo-oo 🎶