I thought we'd reflect on just how special some of my birthdays have been on the eve of my big day. Bear with me, I am doing this without drafts, and I am so scared I'll have typos. 😔
  1. My 4th Birthday, my first one in Austin, Texas. McDonalds party
    My cousins and ballet friends were there, and my aunt and uncle from Nashville flew in to visit too!
  2. No pictures for these next few...
  3. 5th birthday, Minnie Mouse theme at Chuck E. Cheese
  4. 6th birthday, I decided to change it up and had a Minnie Mouse themed party at Chuck E Cheese.
    My dad made me any custom cake I wanted. This year my little cousin swiped her finger in the frosting before we cut the cake and I remember thinking Chuck E Cheese is no place for such immature behavior.
  5. 7th birthday, skating rink. Dad made me a roller blade cake with cupcakes as wheels!
  6. 8th birthday, Aladdin themed cake and boy/girl party!
    I took advantage of the "invite the whole class" rule so I could get boys at my party this year. My crush, Ryan Winters came to the party and all my scheming was worth it. 😍 The guys left around 8pm and the girls stayed the night.
  7. 9th birthday, Lion King cake at Capital Gymnastics
    All girls, we basically got to play on the trampolines and balance beam for 2 hours and called it a party.
  8. 10th birthday, ice skating at Northcross Mall (these references are soooo Austin @kcupcaker and @marykathryn am I right?)
    My crush bought me the Alanis Morrisette CD with "Ironic" on it. Is it ironic that he is now married and has two kids with one of the girls that was also at that party?! Haha!
  9. 13th birthday boy/girl dance party at mom's
    I had a huge room and teen bop covering my wall. Maria and Daniel were being set up in the picture on the left. Every other picture from that night is of Cody on the right, because we all loved him. He's still handsome, fyi.
  10. Just some proof that Cody being cute in middle school wasn't a fluke...
    Back to my birthdays!
  11. 16th birthday, surprise dinner and cousin from California!
    I can't find the picture. My cousin Monique came in town from California to surprise me, and then all my friends were at dinner at my favorite restaurant. I was an idiot though, I just wanted my (basically homeless, no phone, Dennis Duffy) boyfriend to be at the party. But he had no phone number or transportation. Plus he had no idea it was my birthday. 🙃
  12. 21st birthday, all my friends were 20!
    We stayed in and I bartended "signature" drinks for everyone. Plus we got this awesome photo that perfectly explains my college life. Attention stealing friends!
  13. 25th birthday, no picture.
    This is the birthday my parents told me they were ready for me to make them grandkids. Ha! I also got two job offers this day.
  14. 26th birthday, the start of our Cirque du Soleil obsession
    I think my sister and I saw Kuzaah, but I get them mixed up. We took these awesome pictures while waiting!
  15. 28th birthday I got fired from my job for getting my appendix removed 3 weeks earlier.
    (No photo, obvi)
  16. 29th birthday, my first with Twiggy
    I made myself funfetti waffles for breakfast. I got cash and cards from my new (current) job. I went to trivia night with my sister. I was home by 8. It was perfectly low key.
  17. 30th birthday, surprises galore! The year birthdays peaked!
    Got gifts from work every hour on the :30
  18. Then I had a dinner surprise with my childhood friends and Dallas friends and family.
    At Olive Garden, which everyone hates! So I know they did it for me!
  19. Plus a bonus party after for dairy free cake and ice cream!
    They are singing Happy Birthday to me in this gif I learned to make just for this list. I decided to dance it up.
  20. Oh, and it's not even my 31st yet (still have several hours) but I got great stuff already!
    Another Cirque trip with my very pregnant sister. A ton of awesome gifts from my list-sister @karlalucia plus quality time & delicious brunch. Last but not least, that baby (in my sister's belly) will be born any day and it'll be the best gift ever!!! Parents are in town for the baby, but it's nice seeing my family for my birthday as a bonus.