Inspired by @karlalucia
  1. Giphy
    The one I knew was gay. My first lip to lip kiss and we lasted 6 months. But it was a ruse.
  2. Giphy
    Like a 4 on that scale! Whatever number leads to no hunting, but really good at blowouts.
  3. The perfect guy. The first straight boyfriend.
    Always thought this was my one true pairing, but then life got in the way. If life ended in season one, he would have been my lobster.
  4. He's the one that got married 3 weeks or so ago to a marathon runner.
  5. Dennis Duffy
    This guy... pathological liar to the point where I actually am not sure he wasn't homeless. He always showed back up in my life, and got dishonorably discharged from the air force. He was also my first pregnancy scare, and I didn't even eat Sabor de Soledads! (The stress of dating him made me skip a period, not actually pregnant!)
  6. Giphy
    He actually just found me on facebook in October and I just burned my entire computer to ashes.
  7. Handsome but dumb. I dated like 6 of these.
    Let's just say all of college was in "The Bubble" and this gif covers four years of my love life.
  8. Hot people are stupid!
  9. Dry spell and a move... led me to find...
  10. Dennis Duffy 2.0
    This guy was actually named Dennis. Had a new business he was about to start all the time. Had a new cell number every 6-10 weeks. Was a trash person. Made me feel like a trash person. Stayed around FAR longer than he should have. He also yelled at me once because he didn't see me take my pill for a full week and thought I was "trapping" him (I was on the ring), yet he hated condoms. Had 2 kids he did not care for, oh... and had a felony!
  11. Giphy
  12. Giphy
    This has been my love life since Dennis Duffy 2.0
  13. Look at me now!