My Sister Got Me A Gift For Her Birthday

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    I posted this list yesterday about the delayed wedding gift I gave my sister for her birthday.
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    She liked it a lot.
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    Then she told me she got me a present too.
    A little backstory, I was a spoiled child, so my mom would get me a gift on @graciagrapes birthday and Mika's birthday. Just so I wouldn't feel left out.
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    So, I told her she is being an enabler for getting me gifts on her birthday. But of course I will happily accept.
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    This is what she gave me...
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    It's a shirt.
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    I'm going to be an Aunt! Like, biologically! I officially have Next Of Kin that is younger than me on the way!
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    Then we called Mom on facetime and my sister opened up a "gift" on the call with mom.
    She acted like mom had sent her something for her birthday, and she wanted to see what it was.
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    This was mom's gift
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    My mom flipped out!
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    Guess when the baby is due? My birthday!
    My sister kept it a secret for 18 weeks and I actually suspected it only 2 weeks after she found out. We have sister intuition, I could tell.
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    My baby bump is bigger than hers and I am not pregnant πŸ˜‚
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    She is not finding out the gender before the delivery. So we shall be surprised.
    Boogie Jr works for both a boy and a girl!
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