My Sister Is In Labor! Nope... My Sister Had A Baby!

Alternate Title: I will always have gum
  1. Brother in Law texted me and mom "go ahead and head to the hospital. Third floor."
  2. Dude! That was way too chill!
  3. To be updated...
  4. The midwives are saying she has a high pain tolerance because she went through the most painful part already without even moaning or groaning.
  5. She went into labor at 3am and BIL texted us at almost 8am. Looks like she could have the baby within an hour!
  6. She's already 7cm and I've only been here 15 minutes
  7. I'm suited up!
  8. It's a girl!!!
    Ciara is her name
  9. She loves her auntie!
  10. She loves her Papa
  11. She loves her Mimi
  12. My sister is doing great. She's a trooper
  13. @jessilee23 has a twin! Happy Birthday Jessica!!!
    Never forget your birthday 😁
  14. She already has a nickname from Auntie Boogie "Lil Goodies"
    Because Ciara sang that Goodies song and she smiled when I sang it to her. Best. Day. Ever.
  15. My sister says I "marked" the baby because we had the same spot on our foreheads as babies!
    My parents (who luckily were in town without their respective spouses) kept calling Ciara "baby Boogie" because they were having flashbacks to 31 years ago. Lucky for Ciara, she has a normal sized head. I love her so much I can't stop staring at pictures now that we left the hospital.
  16. She took off her hat for a photo shoot!
    She looks so much like both her parents! Her poor dad is about to live the exact same life my dad has had for 33 years. "Yes that white looking child is my black daughter." Lather. Rinse. Repeat. #BlackGirlMagic
  17. You guys! She yawned!
    Haha. Wait till I have my own kid. I'm going to be so obnoxious. This times ten. 😘
  18. My cousin Kathryn came in town to meet Ciara lil goodies
    The beauty of this picture is Kathryn was the first baby I was old enough to hold when she was born. I was 5, and she is a twin, but I held her first and I'll never forget. She is the first cousin to hold my sister's little (white) baby. We are patiently waiting for Ciara's color to come in... 🕢🕗🕔
  19. She's shocked I tell ya! She told me I have to stop posting pictures of her.
  20. Okay, I lied. One more. Mom took this picture of her last night.
    Ciara is on China time. She sleeps all day, and around 9pm is ready to start her day. Oh, if I didn't explain, her name is pronounced like Sierra Nevada.
  21. Ciara and her mama decided to wear matching outfits
  22. She's a pro model. Clearly. Don't @ me.
    (I'm kidding! Please @ me forever as long as you agree)