Ranked by importance of follow through. Thanks for the request @bsizzle33
  1. Making decisions that benefit me at least sometimes.
    I'm such a giver that I very easily ignore myself. Every year I get a little bit better about making me happy.
  2. Write more YA short stories
    My nieces can't find anything to read for 4th graders that revolves around carefree black girls. So I started writing them stuff to read for their feedback. They are hungry for more, and I need to flex that muscle. It's an open market, no one writes for 9 year old black girls (or boys)!
  3. Call Poppy more
    I can tell his memory isn't what it used to be, and he has 9 grandkids to keep up with. Maybe I should just call him and save him the effort. He calls us in order of age, so when I answer, he says "number five, how are you?" And I love it so much.
  4. Grow that hair
    What a difference a year can make! Also, I clearly had zero intention of publishing the first picture, so cut my face some slack. I'm going to grow it until I can crawl out of this castle on my braid alone. When I take my 3rd picture in March, I want 4 more inches!
  5. Finish that screenplay!
    I have morphed this thing over and over. It's hard because I really enjoy TV shows, so I made it a pilot script. But I think it's a movie. Started as a book... bird by bird y'all
  6. Limiting time with Debbie Downers
    I am a fixer. I like to fix people. I'm stopping. Debbie Downers ruined my Mexican vacation, see photo.
  7. Workout?
    I kinda don't care. I like working out, so I do it for fun and to keep me from hitting coworkers. I hate when people in my family hear I'm working out and they are WAY too supportive. Like they are just so embarrassed. Whatever. I'm not working out for them.
  8. Date?
    You know I don't care. I'm so uninterested. I don't even remember who I'm attracted to, well I remember one person. If he is down, then I'll date. But I can take it or leave it.
  9. Buy a Kitchenaid mixer all by myself 😉
    @kelrie knows why.