1. Fabrice Fabrice
    Fabrice works in craft services and is also a slam poet. He's a beautiful man who keeps the tags on his hat because he knows more about fashion than anyone. Also, he knows Raven Symone. Sometimes I forget Fabrice isn't real and wonder if he did craft services on various shows in real life.
  2. Liz from Publizity
    Her hands are always so cold. She drinks out of huge cups to make herself look smaller. Her business is "based off her name". There's a little bit of Liz in all of us. If you aren't Liz, you may be more like her best friend Liz. Maybe you are more of her niece Denise (@graciagrapes ) but one of the three for sure.
  3. Gil Faizon
    Oh Hello. He's an older guy. A prankster with his best bud George. They have a show called "Too Much Tuna" and they were childhood friends of Bernard Sanders.
  4. Static
    This needed more Fabrice
  5. Static
  6. Giphy
    And Liz
  7. Giphy
    And Gil