My name ain't baby, it's Christina, Boogie if ya nasty.
  1. Boogie
    Most common, hardest one to grow out of. I decided to lean in and just be Boogie. I'm everyone's little sister. My oldest sister @graciagrapes came up with this name and she was right on the nose 😉
  2. Chris
    Parents wanted a boy, but really this is because my stepdad doesn't like multi syllable words. I like this nickname a lot and I understand who Chris is.
  3. Uncle Boogie
    I'm a girl. But I have a super cool niece who doesn't care about gender norms and thinks uncle is a cooler word than aunt. She calls us ALL uncle. Her friends at school thinks she has a ton of gay uncles and cousins. We let them think that. In april she saw Uncle Mika marry Uncle Beasy. 😂
  4. Teeny
    This is the closest I will get to accepting Tina. My old roommate had a baby and she said they'd call me Aunt Teeny. My heart melted! (Not literally though, because then I would have died.)
  5. Poogens
    Dad calls me this. It is literally a nickname for Boogie... My nickname. Like a Russian nesting dolls situation. My cousin calls me this when I'm doing something cutesy. Its the ultimate little sister name of all.
  6. Mini me
    I have a cousin Monique who is the spitting image of me, but 10.5 years older. We are the same height and have all the same life experiences. Nothing about me is smaller than her, but I'm her mini me. I love that gal.
  7. Squirt
    Dad calls me this, and my sister calls me this because she is my dad's shadow. It makes me sad that I grew out of this one. I was never small even though I am the youngest. He still uses it when he forgets my name.
  8. Katrina Marie
    There's no explanation for this. My middle name is not Marie. My friend just wanted to call me something formal yet incorrect.
  9. Steen Bear
    I think this was based on Berenstein Bear (or however it's spelled). My friend Michelle called me that in elementary. Its the only time someone made a nickname out of the middle part of Christina.
  10. Stink
    How fun. The best part is when they use this around my friends. Guys, I wasn't a fan of showering in my youth. I shower now! We had 3 girls sharing one bathroom and I hated getting ready. I really never smelled bad, they just called me stink because I was the most likely to stink.
  11. Chrissy-Tina
    Curse on your houses for whoever came up with this disgusting name. I will discuss Tina later, but why make my name longer? My step sister and most annoying friends call me this. It is nails on a chalkboard. Delete this nickname.
  12. All the words in the English Language
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  17. Tina
    Let me explain. In first grade, we watched Barney on tapes in class. There were kids who played with Barney. Mostly cool kids. One terrible wet blanket kid. I don't remember a single thing about her, except her name was Tina and she made me hate the best show on PBS! (I was 6, it was 1993) Don't call me Tina. I won't answer. I don't know her. Wrong number.