1. Guys, my back hurts so bad. It hurts to pick up my 3 pound dog. A lot
  2. Whenever I don't feel well, there is always a food or snack or drink that helps.
  3. Lemme explain.
  4. depressed? (not clinically. Just bummed out)
    I eat something tasty. Usually pizza or cheetos.
  5. A cold?
    Chicken tortilla soup, spice helps
  6. The flu
    Chicken soup
  7. Headache
    Something carby along with something caffeinated. (99% of my headaches are from not eating) Caffeine makes pain meds work better if you have a headache.
  8. Stomach ache
    Tried and true; saltines and gingerale
  9. Sore throat
    Tea with honey. Or a hot toddy
  10. Back pain?
    I mean, wine kinda helps, but I can't have wine at work or just all the time.
  11. I could really use a back pain chicken soup or tea.
  12. Giphy
    Dis me
  13. Spine Doctor says my X Rays show a herniated or pinched disk.
    Is it weird I'm so happy it wasn't all in my head? Have to get an MRI to see the issues in more detail. They made me stretch at the appointment and I'm in so much pain now. (That's not my spine in the photo)