A bummer list
  1. My middle sister just got married and moved two towns over.
    I haven't seen her house and I haven't seen her. Not sure when I will because she doesn't want to fit me in.
  2. My oldest sister @graciagrapes makes as much time as she can for me, but she is moving to Germany in a couple of months.
    Her life will be there. I won't fit. It's good for her, just not for me. She gets to be with her guy, so I get it.
  3. My closest in town friend had her second baby.
    The first one made it easy to act like nothing had changed. But now, I don't fit.
  4. My other friends have been moving one by one.
    They are also having babies, so they won't visit me. I have to visit them. It doesn't fit. It feels forced.
  5. My mom tries the hardest to make me feel necessary, but she doesn't really have a place for me either
    She has a home group of ladies that are retired as well and they hang out when everyone is at work.
  6. My friends without kids are mostly fighting addictions, overcoming mine makes me no longer fit with them.
    Self destruction is no longer my thing. I'm not going to be an enabler or around enablers.
  7. The girl who I replaced at my job is likely returning.
    They are keeping me, but I can tell already that I will be the one who is left out.
  8. My dad is doing his first sermon on Sunday and he had no plans to tell me.
    His wife sent out a generic group text that he has no clue was even sent. He felt no need to share a huge part of his life with me because I'm not his life.
  9. Even my Zumba class changed times and now I can't get on the schedule
    They combined two of the classes and its always full.
  10. I'm not a lonely person in general, but this is a bummer.
    Feel like I finally figured out that invisibility cloak spell.