One song that describes each half-decade of my life

Inspired by @theshome
  1. 1986-1990 Beach Boys- Kokomo
    🎶"That's where I wanna go-oo-oh way down in Kokomo!" I loved this song and had a tiny little walkman that only played about 40 seconds worth of music. This was the one tape I had for my walkman. Every time I hear this song I am 3 years old. Carefree and living in SoCal.
  2. 1990-1995 Montel Jordan - This is How We Do It
    This song is the best. I love clean rap. I could sing it in the car with my dad, the radio edit was the same as the single. Plus it got everyone hype. Still does. Trust when this comes on at my wedding reception you'll be on the dance floor. 🎶"I'm kinda buzzed and it's all because... This is how we do it!"
  3. 1996-2000 Ricky Martin - La Vida Loca
    Want to hear the most late 90's story ever about this song? On my 12th birthday, I called into the radio station when this song played and won a two-way pager for being the 9th caller. I loved that song ever since. I had a lucky streak and won a lot of contests for like 10 years straight. 🎶"Livin la vida loca! Her lips are devil red and her skin's the color of mocha!"
  4. 2000-2005 Shadow - Ashlee Simpson
    🎶"Livin in the shadow, of someone else's dreams." I spent the first 16 years of my life being referred to as so-and-so's little sister. Around this time I found an ally in Ashlee Simpson. Dyed my hair dark, got some bangs, and embraced my (very preppy) emo phase. I dated this quite ghetto guy at Grambling and when he came to my dorm he would ask me to play "Pieces." Lol, the whole album was good stuff!
  5. 2006-2010 Pussycat Dolls - Dont ya
    🎶"I know ya like me, I know ya do. That's when ever I come around she's all over you." My hot years were spent with me knowing I could steal people's boyfriends. I never did, but this song was like "I am finally a threat to your relationship!" When I had been such a friendzone type girl before. I was still normal, I just think this song came out during a time when I could relate...ish. Plus, I loved girl groups. Danity Kane fits here too!
  6. Now- Adele- A million years ago
    This song is perfect. Its saying all of those versions of me are in the past. I'm unfamiliar to those who knew me then and not now. I can't just go back to my hometown and go back to how things were. Not only do I not relate to those people, I don't miss them, and they trigger bad things within me. 🎶" I miss it when, life was a party to be thrown. But that was a million years ago."