@karlalucia and I have some care packages to send, so we decided to hang 3 weeks before the official Texas meetup!
  1. We planned to meet at Target with 💾'd lists of care package wishes, thanks again @amieshmamie!
  2. Well, I was by myself at Target for about half an hour... So I tried on every hat and headband.
    This may or may not show up in the care package I was shopping for!
  3. We forgot to take pictures while shopping! We were having too much fun running in circles around Target.
  4. Let's get tea, oh, and chapstick, oh and socks, oh, notebooks, wait, did we get tea?
    We just ended up with 60 pair of socks 😂 Jk Jk
  5. All that shoppin made us hungry!
  6. Lucky for me, Karla let me go to the CLASSIEST restaurant for those with the finest palettes... Olive Garden! Yes!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
  7. We finally remembered to snap a selfie! I'm twice her size. If she hid behind me, you could never find her.
  8. Action shot of Karla writing the note to go in her care package while we waited for the food to arrive.
  9. Yum yum food. Even better conversation. I highly recommend finding your list friends nearby.
  10. We chatted about her lovely kids, found out our jobs actually overlap in several places, then discussed my villainous step mother.
  11. After we finished eating, we got the boxes ready.
    Someone's getting something good! I know what's in there!!!
  12. I used her box as a prop, but I have my own!
    Here come your care packages kiddos!!!
  13. All in all, 10's across the board! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  14. Texas meet up is Oct 21! Be there 😘