People I've been told I look like

Inspired by @JonMarsh. I don't think I look like any of them but people are funny what they come up with!
  1. This is my face.
  2. Vanessa Williams
    This makes a bit of sense to me. We are both ambiguously black chicks with abnormal eye and hair color. Plus she's hot, so it's a compliment.
  3. Rashida Jones
    Again, it's the racial ambiguity that people are seeing in both of us. Plus she is my favorite actress so I think some people only know about her through me.
  4. Danielle Fishel
    I genuinely thought she was part black based on her features. If I was casting the movie of my life, she'd play me. The big boobs are another thing we share.
  5. Tyra Banks
    This is 90% because we have huge foreheads. The other 10% is the funny faces thing.
  6. Kelly Clarkson
    We don't look alike. I think we give off a similar vibe. Its that laid-back Texan chick thing.
  7. Nicole Richie (in her chubby days)
    I liked that a celebrity was out there in the world who looked like me. But then she lost about 10 pounds a week for a year. I couldn't keep up!
  8. Collage time! Which one do you agree with?
  9. I'm sure there are more. These are the only ones I've heard multiple times.