People that my dog loves

Inspired by @qbg
  1. Me!
    This isn't necessarily in order. But I'm a single dog-parent, and she's an only-dog child. So, we are very much on the same wave length.
  2. Her Mimi (my mom)
    My mom watches her when I go out of town, and after I return she forgets about me and goes back to Mimi. She loves the two dogs my mom has, of course!
  3. The woman who rescued her.
    She was taken into a Chihuahua rescue at only 2 months old after an unlicensed breeder passed away. She still sees Twigs around once a month and she is Twiggy's official Godmother.
  4. My middle sister
    This was the day I got her, and I like to pretend like she grew a lot since then. She is about 4 oz bigger now than she was there. But my sister has been around her for so long she trusts her a lot.
  5. My oldest sister
    @graciagrapes gave Twiggy a new nickname of Twiglette and it's clear she's obsessed with being called it. They had a full weekend of bonding and I'm sure they stayed pen pals once sister moved to Germany.
  6. Viola Davis
    She can't ignore when Viola is on TV. She loves her. I wonder if she has a secret life where Viola is her real mom when I'm at work.
  7. Her Papa (my dad)
    She is fickle. She really likes him because he ignores her, which is the way to her heart. But he also tells her no. She's not a fan of that word. But she hates when he leaves. She just whines.
  8. Her Papa Chuckles (my stepdad)
    He's so funny. He acts like he doesn't care for dogs. So I tell him I'll put her in the crate while I'm out so she doesn't bother him. He opens the crate minutes after I leave just so he can hang with her.
  9. Step sister
    It makes sense. My step sister likes to stay in one spot for hours at a time and/or nap. So does Twiggy.
  10. Barack Obama
    He's got that voice. She definitely respects his position as PresidentDad. I'm so happy I adopted a liberal dog.
  11. Tom from work
    I don't have a picture of Tom, but this is exactly what he looks like. I bring little mama to work sometimes and she isn't fond of everyone. Especially the real eager folks (cough Matt cough). But Tom can do no wrong. Maybe she has a crush. He's not even a dog-person so maybe she's trying to turn him.
  12. Twiggy says bye!