Photos Where I Look The Way I Picture Myself

Inspired by @nantea
  1. Candid shot my mom took. Genuine laughing.
  2. Me being the weird sister forever and always.
  3. Me being the weird sister in a yellow scrunchie.
    This is why people should stop when they have 2 kids. You may get one of me as your third. Fair warning.
  4. Me and my friend Dejen being dinosaurs in front of a dinosaur.
  5. Me at work. Yep, literally at work. Taking life seriously
  6. Being the cool aunt.
  7. Really tan and owning that massive hair
  8. Candid shot at a bachelorette party where I made everyone wear name tags and twerked on the hotel bed.
  9. High on college graduation. Serious as always.
  10. Trying to be normal and titling my head 15° too far.
  11. Just being normal and a lady
  12. Showing I got my normalness from my daddy
  13. My favorite 4 word joke ever
  14. Acting!!!!