Thursdays on Fox
  1. Static
  2. This is an hour long drama about the first woman to play in the Major Leagues.
  3. Ginny Baker is a pitcher, hence the title.
  4. I ignorantly assumed this was a show about Moné Davis, but now I see that it may have just been rushed to series due to her fame.
  5. The team captain, and catcher is played by a manly Zack Morris
    He is never not handsome. You get to see his crotch a lot, so...
  6. The show is quite diverse, although the actual team is missing some color. The characters outside the baseball team are much more interesting to me.
  7. Ali Larter, and Mark Consuelos are on the show. Also, MLB is totally integrated into the show, so they can use real team names and player names. Possibly announcers.
  8. I really am rooting for Ginny to be a success, she is so young!
  9. Her dad is a lot like mine, where you have to work quite hard to impress him. So, I can relate.
  10. Fun fact: They were not going to shoot a pilot at all because they had such a hard time casting the lead. The actress, Kylie Bunbury, who was hired is the only one who got a callback.
    They made the right call.
  11. I'm not sure if it's a baseball show or something else. The emotional aspect makes me want you to know its deeper than just a show for baseball fans.
  12. Watch Pitch, but you can't watch the second episode without watching the first. It's from the same creators as This Is Us. Trust me.