I'm so excited! But I'm a professional planner, so I am taking one extra step to ensure we pick the best date possible.
  1. Click this link: http://doodle.com/poll/8a2t8nfdggzd2s99 and mark all the days/times you could join us!
  2. They are all weekends in October, so we have some time.
  3. I figured the out of towners may also want to go to the state fair, to make the trip worth it.
    I'm not ruling out the state fair as the meetup location btw! That is over on Oct 23, and the last day is crazy busy.
  4. Just let me know all the weekend slots in Oct you can join and we'll pick the one with most of us.
  5. Looking forward to seeing you shining faces. You can share this one, but once we have a date and time, we will all need to be sure to spread the word.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Static
  8. I'll send a fun official meetup list once we pick the date, I swear. 😉