1. I do not get to do my annual 12/24 shopping trip with my dad. The only day all year that he actually spends hanging out with me and not focused on the many people he is fathering by choice.
    Photo of the good ol days when traditions meant something.
  2. This is the second Christmas of my life where my sister won't be with me. But she's never planning on spending them with me again, she got married and screwed up everything.
    But last time all of the grandkids spent Christmas in Columbus with our Poppy and I couldn't take off work. She ended up stranded in the airport on Christmas morning due to a delayed flight and snow storm. We both spent the night crying.
  3. My mom had her Crohn's treatment on the 20th and feels like crap.
    She's good at hiding it when there is plenty going on, but since it's just me, I'm sure the whole break she'll be in the bed.
  4. The weather is going back and forth trying to rain for the entire drive.
    Not only am I scared of driving in rain, but Texans drive terribly in any weather that isn't sunshine.
  5. My cousin is pretending to be in a happy marriage, but now we know her husband is living with his girlfriend.
    She literally put up her tree yesterday (See Roscoe 👆🏽) and her kids are getting like 1 present because of the cluster her year has been. She's going to pretend like her husband helped pick out gifts and keeps saying "we decided" but she is fooling no one.
  6. My step sister is pretending to be divorced when she is very legally married.
    She moved in with my dad, along with her three kids, and is acting like a 14 year old. Her husband moved in with his mom. They both stopped parenting their children, yet they want to spend Christmas together. Which makes no sense.
  7. My debit card number was stolen and someone bought Christmas presents from Target on my dime yesterday.
  8. My check engine light came on as I dropped off my car to get my state inspection.
  9. My shaky steering wheel turned out to mean I needed two new tires. Today.
    I drive home tomorrow.
  10. After I bought all the gifts and shipped all the things, and 7 days before my next payday, my tires are going to cost me $477. On December 23.
  11. I tell my mom this devastating news and she said "are you surprised?"
    Um, when did I go to mechanic school, ma?😒
  12. I told my dad and he said "money is for spending."
    I'd rather eat food than tires Dad. 😒😒
  13. Remind me why I'm driving to see a shit ton of people who could take or leave me?
  14. Screw everyone.
  15. Bah Humbug.
  16. Finished wrapping
    I think I maybe buy people too much. Because I am single and childless. There are 10 gifts that aren't in this picture because they were shipped directly to mom's house. I may have a problem.
  17. I'm crying for help in this picture. Not smiling 😂
    The gifts with different wrapping paper are the ones I got for people who forgot to buy people something. I just always buy extra because I'm my mother's daughter.
  18. Guys... I was this close to saying I was totally wrong and Christmas was fine...
  19. But it punched me in the tits one final time.
  20. My mom has her church friends over, we are eating and I know all but two of them.
  21. One of them does the normal thing and says "You look exactly like your mom" and tries to pet Twiggy.
  22. The other one... in the nicest way, from the sweetest, least ugly place in her heart... asked me how many months I was.
    I tried not to hear it.
  23. My sister is pregnant.
    6 months
  24. I'm not.
    0 months
  25. I said, "oh, that's the other sister" and it was this weird moment where the amount of awkward she felt exceeded my awkward. So I was comforting her.
  26. She ended up lying and saying "I was hating on you for not showing at all." But I realize my belly looks like a nice home for a bagel-sized baby.
  27. Guys. I have 5 1/2 more hours of Christmas.
    I think I can I think I can. It's still trying to break me though.
  28. Giphy