His speech in Wisconsin last night had the equal opposite effect than what he intended.
  1. First, homeboy attempted to begin his black outreach to a room full of rural white people.
    These Trump supporters have been watching the unrest in Milwaukee over the last several days and, to put it kindly, aren't super fans of embracing black folks at the moment. I'm generalizing, but several quotes prove my assumption. See the article in the Guardian for hateful quotes from Trump supporters.
  2. Second, he spoke during the Olympics.
    I didn't watch, most of us didn't. So we woke up to the summaries of what he said. If he did something nice and sweet, which never happens, he waited too late. The online newspapers are just here for headlines.
  3. My main point, and I had the EXACT complaint with Bernie Sanders, Trump oversimplified the black experience.
    Full disclosure, I'm not a black republican, but Key and Peele get it. Black people aren't all the same!
  4. Trump, targeting a country full of black people said (about Hillary): "a vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime, and lost opportunities"
  5. He added that black Americans had been hurt worst by immigration.
  6. So, wait?
  7. Trump thinks I'm poor.
  8. I have a criminal record.
  9. I have no job.
  10. -and- I am competing for low wage jobs that don't even require me to speak English or have a social security card.
  11. Just because I'm black?
  12. Boy, bye!
  13. You just lost the 2% margin of error black vote.
    Yes, in several polls, Trump is polling 0% with black voters. Most polls have a 2% cushion. So he is getting dust.
  14. Stop acting like black folks are anti-immigrant. Most of us WISH we knew where we came from. 😒
  15. Call us when you understand we are people. Not some outdated stereotype that never encompassed all of us.
  16. Finally, just because we are magic, doesn't mean we aren't real.
    (I'm possibly ending every rant like this in 2016. I really like this quote.)