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  1. I am sitting next to two women at this restaurant who assume I'm not listening, which obviously I am.
  2. They are discussing their adult children
  3. They are discussing their husbands.
  4. When I sit near two men who care/don't care if I'm listening, I have never heard these topics discussed.
  5. I mean never. I didn't know my male coworkers wives names, while I knew my female coworkers' husbands cholesterol levels.
  6. Why is this?
  7. Are we real-life FAILING the Bechdel test?
  8. Static
  9. Giphy downsized medium
    Broad City passes the test every episode!
  10. Giphy
    So does Parks!
  11. Let's do it too, si.sterhood of traveling li.sters!