Real Life Bechdel Observation

I edited the title so this would be easier to find
  1. I am sitting next to two women at this restaurant who assume I'm not listening, which obviously I am.
  2. They are discussing their adult children
  3. They are discussing their husbands.
  4. When I sit near two men who care/don't care if I'm listening, I have never heard these topics discussed.
  5. I mean never. I didn't know my male coworkers wives names, while I knew my female coworkers' husbands cholesterol levels.
  6. Why is this?
  7. Are we real-life FAILING the Bechdel test?
  8. Broad City passes the test every episode!
  9. So does Parks!
  10. Let's do it too, si.sterhood of traveling li.sters!