Inspired by @hillary79 and @ShawnKelly (Go read their's first!)
  1. That time the neighborhood kids gave me the nickname of "blue eyes," called my sister "blue eyes medusa" and called my other sister "medusa."
  2. The time a white woman called 4-year-old me "half" when she saw me with my father.
  3. The time I had $10 to spend at the mall, and my friends each had $50. So they got clothes and I got snacks.
  4. The time my parents got divorced, and I became invisible.
  5. The time I had 34D boobs in 7th grade.
  6. The time my friend slept with my ex.
  7. The time I made 2 dance teams, and found my purpose in high school.
  8. The time I went to a Historically Black College.
  9. The time I almost killed my friend because the car I was driving started to spin.
  10. The time I got mono.
  11. The time my friend waited 6 months to tell me she had an abortion because she thought my Christianity would cause me to hate/judge her.
  12. The time I mentored a 14-year-old foster kid and she died in a car wreck less than a year into us speaking daily (or more).
  13. The time I ran a construction company startup, and made more money than I could spend.
  14. The time I found my people.