Rebooting My Favorite Cancelled Show!

Same characters, all new actors. Here goes for Parks and Recreation:
  1. Leslie Knope is Anna Faris
    I love Parks! Parks Parks Parks, Michelle Obama, Parks!
  2. Ron Swanson is played by Idris Elba
    Charles Minor, I presume?
  3. Ann Perkins is played by Nicole Richie
    Because she perfectly represents the melting pot that is America
  4. Ben Wyatt is played by Dave Franco
    Plays nerd well, also seems a bit too young for Leslie, which is how I always saw it in the real show.
  5. Mark Brendanquitz can be played by Michael B Jordan because he's too famous to do 7 seasons, but 1 season plus 6 episodes will be fine.
  6. Andy Dwyer is played by Ravi Patel
    He's a loveable goofball okay!
  7. April Ludgate is played by Diane Guerrero
    Great eyeroll. Cute couple with Ravi.
  8. Chris Traeger is Zac Levi
    Because he's so hot especially when he's next to Nicole Richie! Plus he's so positive, literally!
  9. Tom Haverford will be played by Paul Rust
    He was on the show once. But, it's fine!
  10. Donna Meagle will be played by @unfoRETTAble Retta
    I made up the rules, I broke the rules! If she's too famous now, any Atlanta housewife will do.
  11. Jean Ralphio will be played by Justin Timberlake from 2002.
    Time travel now exists in my rule book.
  12. Mona Lisa will be played by Ilana Glazer
    Credit @bsizzle33
  13. Shawna Malwae Tweep will be played by Constance Wu
  14. Perd Hapley will be Tituss Burgess
  15. Joan Callamezzo will be Tina Fey
  16. Did I forget anyone?
  17. Detlef Shrempf should be played by LeBron
  18. Jerry/Terry/Garry can just be played by whomever. Who is that guy with the big penis? Fassbender! There you are.
  19. I'd watch it.