Run Don't Walk To See Hidden Figures

Also, I'm not spoiling anything. No worries.
  1. I took off a couple hours of work to see Hidden Figures because I refused to go another moment without seeing it.
  2. My sister also wanted to go, so we made a day date of it.
  3. It starts with a gifted child, she happens to be black and happens to be a girl. Her "gift" is math.
    I was crying within 3 minutes of the movie. I was NEVER this smart, but I was a gifted child particularly in math, and my whole "being a girl" thing made people so confused. The movie wasn't about me, and neither is this list. I'm just saying, I immediately understood Katherine.
  4. The three leads couldn't be more different. They are 3 black females, and they are LEADING LADIES. This movie isn't about doo-wop, or drugs or anything stereotypical.
  5. This is based on real women, who none of us heard of, until now*
    *not entirely true, these women were in my sister's sorority. So when listing the women who molded their reputation, often the women of NASA are at the top of the list.
  6. The women are friends, nothing catty is EVER even suggested.
    They are adult women who support each other. Unwaveringly.
  7. The fashion is not forgotten for a minute!
    So many dresses I want IMMEDIATELY!
  8. It's quite possible that Janelle Monae was built in a lab to be the most beautiful woman on Earth.
  9. There are 3 women, and there are 3 amazing stories. This isn't just about one of them and her sidekicks. They could each have their own movie.
  10. Some handsome guy plays John Glenn.
  11. Being smart...
  12. is hot...
  13. as hell...
  14. Like I said, get your booty to the theater! Skip work, skip school!
    You have my permission! Hitchhike if you gotta. But go! And bring the kids, they will love it!